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mpowered with an incessant drive to shed light and
spread love across a diverse spectrum of audiences, Half Mile Home have fortified their traditional gospel delivery with a unique Hip-Hop/R&B aesthetic. Yet in actuality, these categories alone do little to truly encapsulate Half Mile Home's powerful sound. "Its very difficult to put us into an certain box," says the group's songwriter, Buttons.
"You have Kirk Franklin, you have Mary Mary, you have all these groups and they have their own different styles just trying to reach this new generation. I think everyone's doing a tremendous job, whether it's Shirley Ceaser, Fred Adkins , everybody needs to keep doing what they're doing." - Half Mile Home

It's no secret that the state of Ohio has deep roots in Black music. Groups such as the Ohio Players, Roger Troutman & Zapp, Tracy Chapman, Babyface, The O'Jays, James Ingram, Macy Gray, Lakeside, and The Deele have all made their indelible mark on the genres of funk and soul. The city of Akron itself has contributed both the incomparable Howard Hewitt and James Ingram to the canon of R&B legends. But five distinguished gentlemen from the city are determined to cement Akron as the epicenter of a gospel explosion with their effervescent new sound. Deaken, Buttons, Q, Ty Traxx, and Weezie are Half Mile Home. Their individual and collective journeys down the tempestuous highways of the music industry have led them to a predestined intersection of truth, strength, and unshakeable faith.

After months in the recording studio, Half Mile Home has emerged with a vibrant collection of songs for their latest gospel release, Change My Lyfe. Produced by Ty Traxx, bassist Weezie, and Buttons. Change My Life is brimming with words of encouragement and indisputable musical sustenance. Church fans can hear traditional gospel fervor in "Won't Let Him Go," while the buoyant lead single "This Far," already charting on gospel and urban radio begins with an irresistible marching-band drum line, transitioning into an up-tempo R&B hook for hip hop and soul music lovers, Half Mile Home has indeed come back to the middle with a profound sense of purpose.

"""  Half Mile Home simply brings the energy that young people simply must have in order to receive the presentation. This group sports the look and the lyrics that mean everything to a young listener. The influence that this group has on the younger generation is no different than the influence that any other secular group would have with the fashion, dance moves and incredible music...the advantage that Half Mile Homes has is...."their message....."
- Gospel Fruits

":" too often in R&B music, artists forget about the roots where they got their start from. They all got their beginnings singing in the church whether it was a solo or in the choir. Many often ponder why such talented artists make full transitions back to the church music where they got their starts from. Half Mile Home is a new age Gospel group on Universal Records that has had the chance to see the music world from both the religious and secular stance."   - - Black Elegance

"We've been enjoying the music by Half Mile Home all morning long. I really like this group. They got a beautiful sound." -  Fox 8 Morning News/Cleveland

"""" Half Mile Home stun the ear with perfect harmonies, tight lead vocals and urban treads laid over track. The diversity of vocal textures within the group adds a valued dimension to their sound (listen for John P. Kee influence). Don't walk to the story to buy this album. Run as fast as you can. Half Mile Home is the real thing."  - Gospel Flava

Amidst shoulder-shaking, thumping, polyrhythmic grooves, Half Mile Home reminds us that stuff happens in life, like when ""  the devil crept all up in my family," But, "you didn't bring me this far to leave,""  and the group hangs tough, putting out the devil's fire with every last ounce of their collective energies." - The Black Gospel Blog
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